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Bad Faith


Most insurance companies have lost touch with the importance of customer service and honoring their end of the agreement. Unfortunately, most insurance companies use strong-arm tactics to manipulate hard-working people out of the money owed to them to increase their own profits. Through years of handling cases, we have seen many repeated issues including tactics of underselling the claim by misrepresenting the value; pressuring people into settling for much less than they are owed; manipulating the system by denying claims; And forcing their insured clients to file lawsuits before issuing any payments. When an insurance company takes you as a client under Oklahoma Law they have a “Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing”. Insurance companies break this oath when they:

  1. Deny a rightful claim that is covered by the insurance policy

  2. Knowingly misrepresent pertinent facts, coverages, and benefits under the insurance policy

  3. Fail to complete a prompt investigation of claims

  4. Fail to give a fair and equitable settlement of claims with reasonably clear liability

  • Failing to give a fair settlement for insurance claims

  1. Fail to fully disclose benefits and coverages of the insurance policy by not specifying what is covered

Personal Injury


James Dunn & Associates has handled over 5,000 personal injury cases stemming from auto accidents, interstate trucking accidents, traumatic brain injuries, and wrongful death. Here at James Dunn & Associates, we believe in fighting for the public when they have been severely hurt or taken advantage of by another person or company's negligence and will take cases to trial when necessary. Our attorneys have a wide range of knowledge and experience handling cases involving traumatic brain injuries, whiplash, commercial liability, slip and fall, and spinal injuries to name a few examples. However, no matter how serious the injuries or situation, James Dunn & Associates is willing and able to go to war against negligent companies or people for their clients and their families in their time of greatest need. Our staff understands how being a victim of another's negligence will disrupt your life and we are here to help by handling the stress while you focus on getting well again.


About Us

At James Dunn & Associates the client always comes first. We take the well-being of our clients very seriously and completely understand that very few people have money laying around to pay for an attorney when they need one. This is why, at James Dunn & Associates, we do not charge any upfront costs or fees to take on your case and work to get it settled through negotiation and mediation, or when the other side refuses to be fair, we will go to trial. Here at James Dunn & Associates we value honesty above all else and will only take on your case if we believe we are the best fit for your needs as a client. We are willing to use every resource at our disposal to ensure that no stone gets left unturned and your case has the best chance to be fairly compensated. If we are not the best fit then we will refer you to another attorney or law firm in our expansive network for what you and your case need. At James Dunn & Associates we have the resources and the experience needed to fight for your case and get justice for you. We maintain a company plane to ensure that we are able to be anywhere we are needed for our clients, whether it's interviewing experts, and/or taking corporate depositions across the nation. We understand most people would prefer to never need an attorney. However, if the time comes James Dunn and Associates looks forward to helping you when trouble strikes.


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